DD4T Training for .NET Developers

Accelerate Tridion development and become an expert in the latest version of DD4T with this 2-day in-depth training course led by Tridion and DD4T experts.


  • Obtain general knowledge of the latest version of the popular open source DD4T framework
  • Learn how to develop ASP.NET MVC web applications with SDL Tridion / SDL Web and DD4T


Software developers and architects with experience developing ASP.NET MVC web applications. A basic understanding of SDL Tridion helps but is not strictly necessary.

This training is also available for Java developers.

Course outline

  • General overview of the latest version of the DD4T framework
  • Setting up the ASP.NET MVC web application
  • Developing Page and Component Views
  • Working with ViewModels
  • Using dependency injection
  • Advanced functionality (publication resolving, consuming resources, sitemaps/navigation)
  • Templates


The training can be provided in English and Dutch.


The training can be provided at any location.


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