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DD4T - We've come a long way! Quirijn Slings, 17 September 2015
Keynote presentation delivered at the Tridion Developer Summit 2015.

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We have a logo!
In many
different colors!
Have you visited already?

Or seen our NuGET packages?

Or do you prefer to build yourself from our Github site?

Or even picked up builds from AppVeyor*?

* Geeks only

So what's it all


* In case you haven't got a clue about what this 'DD4T' is..


To get from here...

To here!

At this point in the presentation, Thijs Borst pressed the red button and actually released DD4T 2.0 beta!
Smaller data footprint Improved caching View models
New distribution model Dependency injection REST support


What's next?