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SDL Tridion Sites 9 Features

SDL Tridion Sites 9, part of SDL Tridion DX, comes with new features for advanced digital experience management, including:

  • Strong integration with SDL Tridion Docs (formerly SDL Knowledge Center)
  • Regions
  • Elasticsearch-powered Experience Optimization (XO)
  • GraphQL-based Content Service
  • Image editing capabilities
  • Supported Docker containerization
  • SAML 2.0 Support (Content Manager Explorer and Experience Manager)
  • Staged and rolling scenarios for upgrading
  • Updated platform support

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SDL Tridion Sites 9 Webinar Series

SDL conducted a series of webinars ahead of the release of SDL Tridion Sites 9 later this year. Recordings of the webinars are made available by SDL. The upcoming release is an important milestone for SDL Tridion DX, which integrates SDL Tridion Sites (formerly known as SDL Web) and SDL Tridion Docs (formerly SDL Knowledge Center), to define digital experiences on a global scale.


Upgrading to SDL Tridion Sites 9 is possible from the following releases of SDL Tridion (formerly SDL Web):

  • SDL Tridion 2013 SP1 HR1
  • SDL Web 8.1.1 (or Cumulative Update 1 for SDL Web 8)
  • SDL Web 8.5

Data Sheet: What's New in SDL Tridion Sites 9

SDL Tridion Sites (formerly SDL Web), is a powerful web experience management solution that enables companies to effectively manage a complex environment of marketing and commerce-led content across web, mobile and other digital touchpoints to deliver continuous digital experiences.

SDL Tridion Sites is part of SDL Tridion DX, which combines the best of Web Content Management (WCM), with DITA-based Structured Content Management (SDL Tridion Docs) and translation technology to power digital experiences on a global scale, supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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